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Convenient Comprehensive Care

Drs. Emily and John Riser, board certified neurologist and founders of Alabama Neurology Associates, understand the importance of making your health care as convenient as possible.

Alabama Neurology Associates, a practice treating a range of neurological disorders from migraines to Parkinson's with particular emphasis on MS, offers patients on-site lab and infusion services, and in-house physical therapy and counseling. Accessible MRI and other diagnostic testing services are housed in the same building at the Alabama Neurological Institute.

This practice, established in 1988, has the distinction of being one of only two in Alabama certified by the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers, the preeminent professional organization for MS health care providers and researchers in North America. Additionally, ANA is affiliated with the Alabama/Mississippi chapter of the National MS Society.

Compassionate Care

The quality care that you can expect at Alabama Neurology Associates goes beyond eliminating stress and inconvenience-they strive to make their patients feel pampered, comfortable and cared for. "Our mission that we embrace wholeheartedly is to enhance the lives of our patients and improve their quality of life. We're not just treating disease symptoms; we are treating people. Everyone deserves to be treated with our utmost respect and compassion at all times. And we embody our mission by endeavoring to treat all our patients like they are our family," explains Dr. John Riser.

Quality Care

Treating someone like family is a particularly high standard at Alabama Neurological Associates, a practice founded by a husband-wife duo, for several reasons. "John and I are a family, and we've known many of our staff members for a long time-they are like family to us and share our level of commitment," Dr. Emily Sherrill Riser affirms. The Riser's entwined family tree also includes numerous other physicians dating back to the early 1900s; both Emily and John are third-generation Alabama doctors. Not only were their fathers and grandfathers doctors, each of them has a sibling who is a doctor as well. "It's a tradition that we honor and feel humbled to be a part of. For John and me, it is all about service to our patients and our community."